Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

When minutes count, accurate laboratory testing is critical to the health of your pet. Our fully equipped veterinary laboratory offers speed and accuracy in receiving results, allowing us to implement treatments without delay.

Laboratory technicians perform diagnostic tests for your dogs often while you wait. We perform many onsite tests, such as:

Reproductive Diagnostics

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Digital X-ray

Radiographs, commonly known as X-rays, are used to give puppy count. It is recommended to do this procedure at with your female 55 days in her pregnancy to get accurate count.

​Our technician will show you detailed images, and our veterinarian will read the X-ray and will give you an accurate count.



Ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic tool to verify pregnancy at 30+ days.

Our trained technicians and veterinarians also use ultrasound to non-invasively monitor fetal heart rates during pregnancy.